CC Barlow

C.C. Barlow


Company's Worked For:
NWA On Fire
Trained By:
Damien Van Horn, Michael Modest
Wrestling Debut: Staff Debut (Dec 08)

Title History: CEO
Location: Rockport, Maine

Wrestler Name: "The Living Legend" C.C.Barlow
Height & Weight: 6'1" 240 lbs
Entrance Music: Get Stoned Hinder

Finishing Move: (If Need Be) Rack em' up! (Inverted Figure Four Leg Lock)
Trade Mark Moves: Probable Moves (Not going to be in the ring much but like I said if need be) Low Blow (AKA Ric Flair WOOOOO)
Chop Block
Eye Poke
Mud Hole Stomping
Big Boot
***NOTE*** Not much of a wrestler here more of the business man but like Vince once in a while I will take justice in my own hands lol