Chris Hollister

The Highlight of the Night Chris Hollister

Additional Training(If Applicable)
Training Seminars::

Company's Worked For:
IWF Promotions, Primos Hardcore Wrestling, Rocky Mountain Championship Wrestling, American Xtreme Wrestling, Mile High Lucha Libre, Pro Wrestling Alliance, Organizacion Mundial Lucha Libre.
Trained By:
The IWF Butcher Shop - Tod Kuntzelman, Joe McDougal, Wrestling Debut: November 2007
Title History: N/A
Location: Denver, CO


Wrestler Name: The Highlight of the Night Chris Hollister
Height & Weight: 5'7" and 198 lbs.
Music 'Richman' by 3 Oh! 3

Finishing Move: The Highlight Reel - Double Jump Moonsault, The God Complex - Celtic Cross
Trade Mark Moves: 619, Exploder, Sit out Slam Bomb, Springboard Whisper in the Wind, Top Rope Double Stomp Alignment: Can Go Either Way