Damien Van Horn

Additional Training(If Applicable)
Training Seminars::

Company's Worked For:
Omaha Wrestling Association, Pro Wrestlings Finest, Midwest Pro Wrestling, IWA Mid-South, Plymouth Championship Wrestling, Triple X-treme Wrestling, New Revolution Wrestling, Impact Pro Wrestling, Cemtral Empire Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Phoenix, Midwest Championship Wrestling, NWA Midwest
Trained By:
Mad Dog Vachon, Austin Storm, Jayden Draigo, Sonjay Dutt, and Mick Tierney
Wrestling Debut: Novemeber, 2000

Title History: 3 time OWA Tag Team Champion, PWF Heavyweight Champion, NRW Heavyweight Champion, and PWP Tag Team Champion
Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Wrestler Name: Damien Van Horn
Height & Weight: 6'1" 275 lbs
Entrance Music:
Finishing Move: Straight Jacket Neckbreaker
Trade Mark Moves: Elbow drop, Powerslam, Samoan Drop, and Fisherman DDT